How To Get Pregnant Fast With Useful Tips ? – Hindi/ English/ Telugu Steps


Most of the couple might be experiencing the problem of conception and have no idea about the menstruation period, cycle, egg release etc. To give a clear idea about ‘how to get pregnant?’ here we have suggested the best approaches. People who are seeking to know the information can check this article about ovulation, pregnancy and basics of pregnancy. Check and Read Simple Steps for getting Pregnancy with Boy Video in English/ Hindi/ Telugu Urdu Tamil Kannada Languages From Below.

How To Get Pregnant Fast With Useful Tips

Best Ways to Get Pregnant : Step by Step Procedure points to get Pregnant 

  1. Do engage in sexual relations once every day at the season of ovulation:

Regular intercourse during the days paving the way to ovulation may expand the chances of origination. In spite of the fact that your accomplice’s sperm focus is liable to drop marginally every time you engage in sexual relations, the diminishment isn’t typically an issue for healthy men.

  1. Do have intercourse regularly

In case you reliably engage in sexual relations a few times each week, you’re practically sure to hit a ripe period sooner or later. For strong couples who need to consider, there’s no such thing as a lot of sex. For some couples, this may be all it takes.

  1. Track your basal body temperature

Ovulation can bring about a slight increment in basal body temperature — your temperature when you’re completely very still. To screen your basal body temperature, use a thermometer particularly intended to quantify basal body temperature. Take your temperature each morning before you get up and plot the readings on chart paper or in a spreadsheet.

  1. Look for changes in cervical bodily fluid:

Just before ovulation, you may see an expansion in clear, tricky vaginal emissions — in the event that you search for it. These discharges ordinarily take after crude egg whites. After ovulation, when the chances of getting to be pregnant are less, the release will get to be shady and thick or disappear altogether.

  1. Do take your vitamins:

Folic corrosive assumes a crucial part in a child’s development. A regular pre-birth vitamin or folic corrosive supplement starting a couple of months before origination basically lessens the danger of spina bifida and other neural tube defects.

  1. Attempt an ovulation indicator unit:

Over-the-counter ovulation units test your urine for the surge in hormones that happens before ovulation. Ovulation packs can recognize the in all probability time of ovulation or even give a sign before ovulation really happens. For the most precise results, painstakingly take after the guidelines on the name.

  1. Check your Calendar:

For a while, use a timetable to stamp the day your period starts — the first day of each menstrual cycle. Ovulation regularly happens around day 14 of a menstrual cycle, in spite of the fact that the precise planning may fluctuate among ladies or even from month to month.

  1. Do settle on healthy way of life styles:

Keep up a sound weight, incorporate moderate physical exercise in your every day schedule, eat healthy foods, limit caffeine and overcome stress. The same great propensities will serve you and your infant well during pregnancy.

  1. Do consider preconception planning:

Your medicinal services supplier can evaluate your general health and help you distinguish way of life changes that may enhance your ways of a healthy pregnancy. Assumption arranging is particularly useful if you or your partner has any health issues.

How To Get Pregnant Fast With Useful Tips ? – Hindi/ English/ Telugu Steps :

Here is what to Avoid to Get Pregnant :

  • Quit Drinking:

Research recommends that drinking liquor seems to reducing ripeness and can hurt a creating child. For the most part, it’s best to maintain a strategic distance from liquor in case you’re planning to imagine.

  • Do not stress yourself

Though moderate physical exercise can advance fertility going over the edge may have the inverse impact. Some examination recommends that five or more hours a week of lively vigorous movement can really impede the fertility of a lady who isn’t overweight.

  • Quit Smoking:

Smoking ages your ovaries and drains your eggs rashly. In the event that you smoke, ask your human services supplier to help you quit before origination.

  • Try not to rely on upon vaginal oils:

Different over-the-counter vaginal ointments can reduce richness. Spit can have the same impact. In the event that you require grease, consider mineral oil or canola oil — or approach your specialist for different recommendations.

  • Avoid Own Medication

Certain medicines — even those accessible without a remedy — can make it hard to imagine.

AP Muslim Reservation : Call to Protect Muslim Quota


Guntur : AP Muslim Reservation Sadhana Samithi (APMRSS) on Monday demanded the state government to take steps for the continuation of BC reservation to Muslim community. In a roundtable meeting held at Guntur, leaders of various political parties supported reservation to Muslim community. Speaking on the occasion, former MLA Sk. Mastan Vali said that a case on Muslim reservation would come before Supreme Court on April 16 hence the state government should take necessary steps to provide supportive information to the court for BC reservations to Muslims.

AP Muslim Reservation : Call to Protect Muslim Quota

He added that the Congress party is working for the continuation of BC reservations with the help of all leaders.

Telugu Desam district general secretary Sk. Lal Vazir said that AP CM Chandrababu Naidu is taking all necessary steps for the continuation of BC reservations to Muslim minorities. YSR Congress leader Sk. Naseer Ahmed that his party is planning to implead in the case to pro otect BC reservations to Muslim minorities.

BJP leader Sk. Chand Basha said that Muslim community is lagging in development so the community needed reservations. APMRSS convener Md. Kaleem said that the meeting decided to meet all political parties to gather support for the BC reservations to Muslims.

First kidney transplantation in Andhra Pradesh state at GGH Guntur


First kidney transplantation in Andhra Pradesh state at GGH Guntur

The Government General Hospital (GGH) has set a milestone by successfully performing a kidney transplantation on Sunday. Earlier, the GGH doctors started bypass surgeries and knee surgeries and now they have started kidney transplantations to serve the public better. The GGH doctors performed kidney transplantation to a 24-year old patient on Sunday evening under NTR Vydya Seva health Scheme. The GGH is the first government hospital in AP to perform kidney transplantation.

First kidney transplantation in Andhra Pradesh state at GGH Guntur

GGH superintendent Dr D.S. Raju Naidu here on Sunday said that the two kidneys of Ashok working as a bike mechanic belonging to Lakshmaneswar at Narasapur in West Godavari district failed. Hence, he was on dialysis and his mother Vijayalakshmi came forward to donate her kidney to her son. He said that a team of two doctor conducted the transplantation in three hours and 30 minutes.

The surgery started at 2.15 pm and ended at 5.45pm. He said that the alumni of Guntur Medical College Dr K. Subramanyam who performed 1,500 kidney transplantations also participated in the kidney transplantation with GGH doctors.

Dr Subramanyam said that he was a former student of GMC. Hence, he decided to render his services at the GGH and joined the team which performed the first kidney transplantation. The patient underwent the transplantation under NTR Arogya Seva health scheme. Anesthetist Dr M. Sharif of the team said that he is also a former student of the GMC and was very happy to join the final renal transplantation in the GGH. Dr Vani said that majority tests to the donor and the recipient were conducted at the GGH, but some investigations were conducted in Hyderabad.




21st September 2015 | London Conference


The complexity of working with ‘race’ and cultural differences within the Family Therapy field, remains underestimated, and occupies only a marginal position in social and mental health care. Consequently, inequalities in mental health continue, and they can go unnoticed. Therefore, it is important we develop a greater understanding of the histories, values, and expectations for diverse families and individuals we encounter. Other core themes also resonating throughout family work are: religious and spiritual beliefs, historical circumstances, immigration histories, and experiences with racism and prejudice, and they appear to influence contemporary family strengths and struggles.


This one-day conference will explore these complexities and debate the critical perspectives, themes, and concepts within the field of Family Therapy with BME communities. A range of illustrative case studies, clinical practices, and research will be presented by eminent thinkers and practitioners in psychotherapy and social sciences.


This conference will be relevant to all professionals in the field of Mental Health and Social Care, including those from Local Authorities and NHS trusts across the UK, Social Workers, Approved Mental Health Professionals, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Psychotherapists, Counsellors, Early Intervention Teams, CPN’s, OT’s, Chaplains, Community Faith Leaders & Healers, Equality Leads, Community Development Workers, Service User Representatives, Charities, Third Sector, Educational Establishments, Academics and Policy makers.